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5linx Communication Consumer Code of Conduct


Scope and Objectives

Welcome to 5linx Communication Services, hereinafter referred to as “5linx”. This Consumer Code of Practice (referred to as “the Code”) is established in accordance with Section 106(2) of the Nigerian Act 2003 (referred to as “the Act”) and Regulation 4(1) of the Consumer Code of Practice Regulations 2007 (referred to as “the Regulations”). This Code outlines our commitment to providing high-quality services to our consumers, ensuring transparency, and addressing your concerns effectively.



For clarity, the terms used within this Code are interpreted in the context of our business and official documents. The use of clause headings in this Code is purely for reference convenience and will not affect the interpretation of its contents. Terms indicating the plural form shall include the singular form unless the context necessitates otherwise. The gender-specific references (e.g., masculine or feminine) will include all genders, and references to “persons” will cover individuals, firms, companies, corporate bodies, statutory boards, government bodies, incorporated entities, associations, or trusts as per the context’s requirement.


Application of Code

1. The provisions in this Code are intended to govern the services offered by 5linx to consumers. In the event of any conflict between this Code and the General Code, this Code shall take precedence, provided that the terms of both codes offer no less favorable provisions for consumers than the General Code.

2. 5linx is committed to providing consumers with comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date information about our services, presented in a clear and simple language. This information will be accessible through the company’s customer service department, website, and welcome message upon opting for our services.

3. We pledge to promptly respond to consumer requests for information regarding our services. This information will be provided free of charge and will encompass at least the following aspects:

  • Current service details, including service information and tariffs for all services available to the public, accessible through various media, including electronic formats on 5linx’s website.
  • Any changes to tariffs will be carried out under 5linx’s oversight in collaboration with the service provider. Approval will be sought for tariff adjustments, and consumers will be provided with adequate information and an opt-out option.
  • We will ensure that subscribers are provided with a robust Service Level Agreement.

Description of Services

4. We are a dynamic VAS provider licensed by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). Offering unique CRM solutions through our Messaging and Voice platforms, catering to the requirements for CRMs, including transactional messaging, notifications,  marketing campaigns and promotional activities. Our suite of services includes SMS, WhatsApp, Email, USSD, and Voice services.


Service Contracts and Duration

5. Upon request, 5linx will provide consumers with a copy of the contract or agreement for service provision. These contracts will be drafted in plain and clear language.


Service Subscription

6. Consumers may subscribe to our services through electronic or web channels. Upon receiving a subscription, 5linx will issue email or Short Message Service (SMS) confirmations.


Contract Terms and Conditions

7. The terms and conditions of contracts related to our services will be transparently stated within the contract or agreement. Contracts made between 5linx and its customers will have specific durations, commencing on a specified date as indicated in the contract. Termination dates will align with the contract’s termination provisions.


Availability of Service

8. 5linx services are accessible through all mobile networks, although their availability depends on network coverage. Services will be limited to areas within Nigeria where mobile network service is available, as disclosed in promotional materials.


Advertising of Packaged Services

9. (1) In cases where 5linx represents a service as part of a package in advertising materials, we guarantee the provision of all components of the service package. In situations where 5linx may be unable to supply any component of the package, appropriate information regarding this limitation will be included in the advertising materials.

   (2) In instances where advertising materials indicate the price of a component within a service package, 5linx will include in the advertising materials the minimum total charge for the package and detail any conditions that may apply to obtain the component at the stated price.


Complaint Processes

10. 5linx operates a customer service desk that is accessible during working hours from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and outside working hours via email. Consumers can reach our help desk via telephone at +234-7025050700 or email at To facilitate swift processing and resolution, we kindly request consumers to provide transaction details, mobile number, and a summary of their complaint when contacting our support desk.


Further Recourse

11. If a dissatisfied customer remains unsatisfied with the complaint resolution outcome, they have the right to refer the complaint to the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC).


Data Collection and Analysis of Complaints and Outcomes

12. An efficient system for recording complaints and their resolutions will be established, ensuring that all complaints and their resolutions are stored in an easily retrievable manner for identification purposes.


Retention of Records

13. Any information collected and recorded as part of the complaint handling processes will be retained for at least twelve (12) months following the resolution of complaints or as directed by NCC.


Opt-in and Opt-out

14. When requesting any service, 5linx will provide consumers with clear, simple, and understandable Opt-in and Opt-out options.

15. 5linx will also provide consumers with access to a HELP function to obtain information on services they are currently subscribed to and how to opt out, using plain and simple English.


Billing Information

16. Billing or charging notifications issued by 5linx or on its behalf will, at a minimum, include the following information:

   (a) The name of the service for which the consumer has been billed.

   (b) The type of service and the service delivery medium.

   (c) The duration of the service associated with the charge.

   (d) The total amount billed or charged to the consumer’s prepaid account.


Itemization of Charges

17. 5linx will ensure that each consumer has access to itemized details of all charges related to subscribers on the mobile network. These itemized details will be available for a minimum of 6 months after the billing or charges have been applied.


Timing for Issuance of Bill

18. 5linx will bill consumers at the point of activation. In cases where a service for which a consumer has been billed cannot be delivered, the consumer will subsequently receive the service at no additional cost, equal to the period over which the service should have been delivered. If circumstances prevent the delivery of the service (e.g., force majeure or technical system failure), 5linx will collaborate with the mobile network operator to ensure consumers receive appropriate refunds and compensation.


Payment Confirmation

19. Consumers will be able to verify their bill payment through an acknowledgment of payment on the next bill issued, using suitable and accessible methods made available by 5linx.


Billing Frequency


20. 5linx will provide consumers with advance written notifications of proposed billing changes before implementing any such changes. These notifications will inform consumers of how to opt out to avoid experiencing the proposed billing changes.

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